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The Omron HBP1320 is designed for routine blood pressure measurements. Enhanced usability for nurses carrying the device from bed to bed and continuous blood pressure measurements.

  • Dual Measurement Mode: Users can choose from two measurement modes- oscillometric measurement and auscultation (AUS mode) method with the latter using stethoscope.
  • Motion Stop Function: When body movement is detected, the device stops deflation for 5 seconds.
  • Irregular Pulse Indicator (disabled when used with auscultation mode): Helps identify changes in heart rate, rhythm, or pulse which may be caused by heart disease or other serious health issues.
  • Long Battery Life: Custom rechargeable battery that makes it possible to provide 300 measurements with one charge.
  • Power Saving Auto-Off: When the unit is powered by the optional battery pack, the power automatically turns off after the set time elapses should users forget to turn off the power. When the unit is used.





Product Code: HBP1320

Includes: M-cuff (22 - 32 cm), L-cuff (32 - 42 cm), rechargeable battery and power supply.

Warranty: 3 years

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